View Full Version : plotting a binary file

7th November 2015, 19:43
Hi, I want to plot a binary file. It has 11 columns that the first column is time. each column has 20 rows. I want to plot each column on the first column (time), in Qt Widgets Applications so I created a project of Qt Widgets Applications.

I need:

1- for plotting this binary file I have no idea. please help me.
2- for each column I must put Check Box that by checking it and pushing a Push Button, plots it. (if I check for example 5 Check Boxes, it must plot 5 related signals).

please help me.

7th November 2015, 20:41
You could look at Qwt (http://qwt.sourceforge.net/) for various styles of plot that suit technical applications (your app seems to be)

For the checkable list you could look at a QListWidget and set each QListWidgetItem's flags to include Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable.
A QPushButton with a slot handling the click event can trigger the plotting.