View Full Version : Can QListview Display Model Column other than Column 0?

19th November 2015, 22:24
I have a Model that I'm using in a QTableview that is displaying labels in column 0, and dynamic signal data (the important parts) in column 1. I want to give the user an alternative view choice that just displays the signal data only, without the signal names beside them, (the names are available in a ToolTip) in labels that will rearrange themselves into an appropriate number of columns to fill up the space of the window.

QListView seems to be perfect for this, but upon testing I found that QListView displays column 0 by default and I can't seem to find a way to change the displayed column to column 1 which is the important one. Is there a way to change the column, or will the best way of doing this be to have a separate model for the QListView? I wanted to avoid having a second model that has to always be updated as data comes in, especially when it will be exactly the same as column 1 in my current model, but if there's no better way of doing what I want to then I'll settle for having a second model.

20th November 2015, 09:12