View Full Version : Could not execute qt application which I created

13th December 2015, 11:52
I have created Qt application that calls some FORTRAN routines. During compilation, I don't get any error because I added FORTRAN object files in my project. During execution, I get the following error.
undefined reference to `_gfortran_pow_c8_i4'
undefined reference to `_gfortran_st_write_done'
undefined reference to `_gfortran_st_write'
undefined reference to `_gfortran_transfer_real_write'

If I add a library called "fortran3.dll" then I am not getting this error, but I could not run my exe file getting application error "The application was unable to start (0x000007b)" .

Could anyone give a solution to this? Why I could not execute the application if that library is added ?

15th December 2015, 11:21
It is hard to say what could be wrong. Your application is dependent on all sorts of things, including some Qt components. We have no idea of what you have depoyed, your Qt version, or compiler toolchan.

15th December 2015, 17:48
The application was unable to start (0x000007b)

Google tells me that this error is often related to a DLL mis-match: 32-bit DLLs being deployed with a 64-bit EXE or vice-versa. If your FORTRAN DLL is a 32-bit DLL, you must build your EXE the same way.

16th December 2015, 11:31
Thanks for the solution. Yes it is issue on dll mismatch.