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8th April 2007, 18:47
Helo sir,

I have the new version of KDevelop(which comes with Fedora 6). I have installed it in my computer. Its working fine.

Can any one guide me how to create a kpart application using that. When i did myself i gave some codings in the main.cpp when i tried to run the project it flagged an error stating that it needs a part.

i want to develop an application in which there will be an editor and an object which can display a postscript image along with the usual menues and some buttons to perform some task. How can i accomplish that...??

Thanks a lot

13th April 2007, 11:57
Could you quote the exact error?

For the third, fourth or fifth time I tell you that you don't need an own KPart to display a postscript file but you need to use an existing part with two lines of code present in the documentation (which was already given to you at least two times). So please make sure you really want to create your own part.

21st April 2007, 18:43
helo sir,

I'm extreamly sorry if i am annoying you... I even tried the example you have given... i didn't succeed...

is there any piece of code which is implementing existing part of an application...

if you give me some pice of code regarding how to have a part of an application as a fully functioning part, it will be very precious to me..

please help me

21st April 2007, 22:17
The example is from official documentation of KParts, so I'm sure it works. If you paste the errors you get, maybe we'll be able to help you.