View Full Version : Creating Wifi hot spot for file transfer across devices using Qt

13th January 2016, 15:44
I was looking into an Android app for fast file transfers: http://www.skipser.com/p/2/p/file-transfer-slow-in-android-speed-it-up.html. What it does is create an intermediate Wifi hotspot that can be used by the second device to connect and transfer files. Is this possible in Qt?

I went through two docs - http://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtfordevicecreation-wifi-wifi-cpp-example.html and http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/bearer-management.html. Both sound promising, but the docs and examples are limited, so I am not sure of what they can achieve and what they cannot. Can they make this kind of application possible through Qt?

If not, is there any other way to make it work in Qt? Or at least some 3rd party C++ library that abstracts out low level details and gives us simple interfaces to work with (although this question does not belong in to this forum in that case)?

13th January 2016, 16:26
Providing a Wifi Hotspot is something that the operating system must do, that's way more low level than what a single app could achieve.

If there is an app that uses that on Andriod, then it is most likely calling some operating system API to ask for that.

So it would be a matter of looking into Android development resources on how that can be done and then calling that API from your Qt application (likely your Qt application's Java part).


13th January 2016, 16:49
I ams sorry, I should have made it more clear. This will be an OX X/Windows app, that should create the hotspot, and then the Android device (which the app has no business with otherwise) will be prompted to connect to it.