View Full Version : Help programming an odontogram for a odontological software

16th January 2016, 03:06
Hello, i'm programming an odontological software and i need some help to do an odontogram.
My idea is to make an odontogram like this: Link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNRIdEzcCjA) (This is an odontogram programmed in JAVA). i don't know if this is possible... I think that the way to do it is using QImage and QPainter but i don't see how.

16th January 2016, 09:45
Should be easy enough with QPainter.

I would recommend creating a class that can be given the necessary data and then draws the graphics onto a given painter.

That class can then be used to draw
- the background in a custom widget (detailed view), with checkboxes layouted into the correct places
- the content of a custom QGraphicsItem and use that multiple times in a QGraphicsView for the overview display.