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11th April 2007, 20:11
We are pleased to announce that the first public release of FBPersistence is now available for evaluation and feedback (and for purchase).

FBPersistence is the complete persistence API for your application built on top of the best plattform independent C++ framework: Trolltech's Qt 4.
Persistence means to store C++ objects to a persistent representation, e.g. a XML file on a harddisk. Also you can restore your objects from such a representation.

Main Features:

* Transparent interface for saving and loading objects
o from and to all common databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.)
o from and to XML, INI, Windows registry and Apples MacOS PLIST format
o over the network via TCP/IP (optionally secured with SSL)
* Easy to use and very flexible
* Clearly arranged with a clear and small interface (but with all configuration options you need)
* Plattform independent (Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, etc.) due to usage of Trolltechs Qt 4

We also plan to release a GPL version of FBPersistence, dual licensed as you know by Qt.

For a complete overview of the features, please visit http://www.buttler-it.de/about_fbpersistence.html?&L=2 or look direct into the API documentation at http://doc.buttler-it.de.

You can evaluate FBPersistence for 30 days and we look forward to your feedback!

Best Regards,

Falko Buttler

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