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11th April 2007, 21:28
The version 0.22 is released on http://qdevelop.org :

- Fixed cmake compilation. Now executable is called QDevelop. I think I will have to revert this for UNIX* environemtns, in which the binary should be named qdevelop.
- Update the code to accept the plugins in subdirectory of executable directory.
- Fix the kind for field implementation (int to string) in table classesbrowser in database.
- Fix items alignment default in projectpropertie.ui
- In project database, opened files are now saved with relative paths to the project directory. If project directory is moved to other path, the files are correctly reopened. This commit saves relative paths for files in classes browser too.
- Fix a crash when "Refresh contents" is called on tree browser without project opened.

- Add czech translation language.
- Add Ukrainian translation.
- The application accept now "GNU make" as previously but also others like "FreeBSD make".
- With a right-click on a class name in classes browser, it is possible to:
* Add a new method to the class (can be a slot or a signal)
* Add a new variable member
- With a right-click on a member variable of a class in classes browser, it is possible to:
* Add set and get methods for this variable member.

16th April 2007, 11:44

I just installed version 0.22.
Made a new project application with dialog - and let QDevelop add the initial files.
Compiles links and runs ok.
But there are no classes in the class view.
I then added a class via project->add new class - and still nothing in the class view (also not after "refresh contens" on the class view).

Any ideas?

16th April 2007, 12:15
It's certaintly a problem with ctags. Please read this part of the documentation: http://qdevelop.org/doc.php#mozTocId146626

16th April 2007, 13:14
ok - thanks - that fixed it! :)

5th May 2007, 11:41
Hi. I had installed QDevelop, and after I ran the program I saw:
Most of lines are already completed, but others no, and actually I don't know what to type. Could you give me a hand? Regards

5th May 2007, 13:03
The goal, you understood it, is to have all in green. The fields already completed in your screenshot, do not contain, I think, a good value because they are extracted from the version of QDevelop installed. This version is statically linked with an other version of Qt and is different from that installed.
What it is necessary to do: For each entry, click on the button "..." and select, in your files explorer, the executable file corresponding of the title. When a file is found, click on "Test" button, all file correctly choosen becomes green.
All files except make, gdb and ctags can be found in the subdirectory bin/ in the Qt directory installed.
For the three firsts, read this : http://qdevelop.org/doc.php#mozTocId100965