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30th March 2016, 13:11
We are a consulting company with a focus on Qt on desktop and Linux embedded. We are currently searching for two developers to join our office in Barcelona.

You should have a university level degree in computer science, some years professional coding experience and a lot of C++/Qt experience. We are searching for developers for two specific projects at the moment, both are embedded Linux based projects with Qt as the UI framework. Other projects in the company are Mac or Windows desktop based. The projects will run at least until the end of October, with possibility for extensions after this.

Are you:

- Already in Barcelona?
- Interested in a position in a consulting company?
- A great Qt coder?
- Very self motivated?

Then please contact me right away for more details about these positions.

Bo Thorsen <bo@vikingsoft.eu>
Director, Viking Software.

14th April 2016, 07:41
Please see this thread instead: http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/65789-Qt-developer-in-Barcelona-or-remote