View Full Version : Hiring Qt/c++ expert to help develop tools for neuroscience research

14th April 2016, 05:56
SpikeGadgets (www.spikegadgets.com) is an innovative startup company located in San Francisco that makes cutting edge tools for neuroscience research. We collaborate with neuroscience labs around the country to design hardware and software used to study the brain. We are looking for a talented software engineer to participate in the development of an open-source data acquisition and hardware control suite used for experiments in neuroscience. The interface has been built using Qt, so knowledge with this library will be a definite plus. The candidate needs to have extensive experience with c++ and either be familiar with issues regarding electrophysiology/neuroscience or have a strong desire to learn. Since the person will need to interact with scientists in the San Francisco bay area, this is not a remote position.

Specific responsibilities:

Graphical user interface design using qt c++ library
High-speed data acquisition from gigabit ethernet source
Data acquisition and display from video sources
Multi-threaded real-time data processing
Low-latency control of hardware devices
Algorithm development for real-time processing of neural signals

If interested, please respond with a resume. Thanks!