View Full Version : communication between c++ qt server with python django server

23rd May 2016, 10:15
hello everyone, I had developed a messaging application that is desktop based in c++ qt.
But now i want to make it web based application.i want to use my existing server that is written in c++ with qt.
and, for client i am using python (Django framework) but i dont have more idea how to communicate our clinet(i.e written in python django) to server (i.e written in c++ with qt).
please give me some solution,if you have any idea.or,if you have other idea to make web based messaging application.you can share to me .


23rd May 2016, 11:47
You need some way to communicate between the Python code and the C++ server, much like a web backend communicates with a database server, e.g. using a local socket connection.

Another option could be to use a HTTP server library written in C or C++ and use that in the chat server to make it directly accessible through HTTP, e.g. http://stefanfrings.de/qtwebapp/index-en.html or https://github.com/nikhilm/qhttpserver


23rd May 2016, 13:17
our application is not only chat application ..
in our application there are lots of feature like audio calling,video calling,messagin like whatsapp,gmail feature and so on....
so, i have no more idea that http qtwebsocket will work on this.
so we are moving on python django for client and server will be on c++ qt.

23rd May 2016, 14:01
Not sure why you mention web sockets especially if you have already determined that it doesn't do what you need.


23rd May 2016, 21:24
The existing Qt client (user's machine) talks to any existing Qt server (server machine) through some channel, most likely a QTcpSocket Just make your PHP client (now on server machine) talk to the Qt server exactly the same way.