View Full Version : Another MacOS issue ?!

13th February 2006, 19:38

Me again! :) looks like I am having a lot of problems on the Mac. I have 2 problems which I am not being able to get over.

1. Setting an Icon in an QPushButton renders the icon very small. I was trying to set an Icon of size 198x198 on an Similar sized button. While this works fine on Windows it just does not work in MacOS 10.4. The Icon rendered is very small ( possibley 16 x 16 ). But when I pass the -style flag to the binary with say Windows set it works fine.

2. Setting the backgrount to transparent of an QLineEdit cause the Text in it to become unreadable. When I select the text inside the LineEdit and I Delete it, the rest of the text shrinks. But the screen does not update properly. Hence the there is a hell lot of overwritting and text is not readable. But as soon as the LineEdit loses focus the text becomes readable again. This only happens when the background is Transparent. Again setting the Style Flag to Windows corrects this.

Does any one know if this is a problem with Aqua or am I doing something wrong ??

Any help will be appreciated.

13th February 2006, 20:12
Yes, probably Aqua doesn't allow that.

14th February 2006, 04:04
Any suggestion for a fix ? Any work arounds ?

14th February 2006, 10:16
Don't use Aqua...