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6th August 2016, 06:44
Hi everybody,

I'm proud to announce you the release of MockupUI 1.0.9.

It's a tool for drawing user interface mockups and writing UI specifications. It's built with Qt so the UI mockups look native (off-screen rendering of Qt widgets). You can see some examples of mockups and generated documents here: http://mockupui.com/examples/

The project website is http://mockupui.com

The beta is available here: http://mockupui.com/download.html


Switch from wireframe to native look in one click
Standard Qt widgets ranging from basic buttons and labels to tables and trees.
Quickly fill widgets with data in CSV
Add graphic UI widgets: images, graphic text and clipart files.
Add descriptions and notes to the mockups
Copy designs to clipboard and paste them to your documents (Word, PowerPoint, ...)
Export designs to image files in PNG, JPG, PPM, TIFF or BMP format.
Generate full design specifications by exporting screens and annotations into ready-to-print Word, PDF and HTML documents.
Preview and print documents directly from MockupUI
Save and re-use design templates.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Eugen Fernea