View Full Version : Qwt 5 - render TeX text

22nd April 2007, 15:50
Has anybody rendered TeX text using TeXText text engine?
I can't find how to do it...

23rd April 2007, 08:45
The Qwt-Text subsystem uses QwtTextTextEngines for rendering text labels. In Qwt 5.0 you find text engines for plain text, simple rich text and for MathML labels (using the MathML renderer from the Qt solutions package).

A TeX text engine would be a very usable addition to Qwt (that's why you already find a QwtText::TeXText enum), but at the moment I don't have the time to implement it. But this is a perfect candidate for a contribution, because it can be implemented completely independent from the Qwt code - without having to fight with existing code.

So volunteers are very welcome,

1st May 2007, 09:08
KLatexFormula seems to do about what you want. Maybe you can use it.


If that should be ok with its license maybe you can see how it's done and do something similar yourself. (Is that ok if both your 'inspiration' and your own code are GPL, what if not?)