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23rd April 2007, 02:48
Well ,i was recently introduced to QT programming by friends in my university,, and this forum has been quite help full for a newbie like me.. :-)
at this moment i am using qt to make a simple gui frontend for a command line login manger (cyberoam) ,which is used in our univ. ,then i will try for bigger projects... :-)

just for info :: my full name is Shashank Singh ,and i am right now in Shimla ,hp

23rd April 2007, 06:50
Hi Shashank,

Did you get a chance to read these threads
1. http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/f-general-discussion-10/t-indian-companies-using-qt-12.html
2. http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/f-general-discussion-10/t-lets-build-a-network-6221.html

As you would have read, we are building our network. So please do mail me or may be Linked in