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27th October 2016, 09:51
Hi everybody,

i tried to configure the QT environment but i've a lot of problems and confusion about the procedure.
I will explain step by step my procedure:

I using a MAC with macOS Sierra Version 10.12.1

I using xCode Version 8.0 (are installed iOS Device Simulator with version 9.3 and 10.0)

I download QT for Open source distribution https://www.qt.io/download-open-source/ and run QT Creator.

First problem:
When i clicks to preferences->Buid & Run i sees the Qt Version "Qt 5-7-0 for iOS" with yellow warning and message "Not all possible target can be supported due to missing compilers".
Why the system shows this message? How i can fix this message?

Second problem:
When i clicks to preferences->Build and Run i sees the Kits "iphonesimulator-clang Qt 5.7.0 for iOS" with yellow warning.
Why the system shows this message? How i can fix this error?

I think this 2 problems are the cause for all my future problems for example when i run the HelloWorld application.
If i run with Desktop kit works fine.
If i run with other iphoneos or iphonesimulator kits the system shows the "Project ERROR: Current iphonesimulator SDK version (10.0) is too old. Please upgrade Xcode" error.
I tried to commented the SDK version control in the sdk.prf file but when i runs the application i've other error like Xcodebuild failed.

Could you please help me to understand if i missing something?

My other confusion is how to Deploy the HelloWorld application to iOS Device (i've all licenses for develop and deploy in iOS).
Is essential to run the QT Project with xCODE? If yes i found commands line to covert the .pro app in xCode project. But seems there are a lot of problems, perhaps because is essential to fix the errors above.

Thanks in advance for the help. If you need other info or screenshot please not hesitate to let me know.


2nd November 2016, 07:01
no one have the same issue? :(

2nd November 2016, 14:55
See if this helps:

3rd November 2016, 14:40
See if this helps:

Really thanks for the reply.
I Tried all steps in the link above but something else doesn't work.
If i tried to run on my iPad the system shows Xcodebuild failed without other information:

If i tried with normal simulator not happen nothing, no simulator is shows and i've this message:


I need to update something else?

Please note that in Kits and QT Versions tab remain the yellow warning as my first post.

10th November 2016, 08:24
Dear All,

i tried to installa everything in other MacBook and i've the same issue.
How is possible that i've the yellow warning in Qt Versions and Kits?

I need to install or configure something else?

30th January 2017, 12:20
I have the same problem, trying to solve it in two weeks. Did you solve it?