View Full Version : Compile my app for linux

28th October 2016, 02:40
Hi my app run with linux but i want to compile for linux to run in this. How i can? thx in advance.

Added after 1 16 minutes:

i used like compiler msvc2013 so idk if i can run for linux or compile for linux

28th October 2016, 10:54
The Microsoft compilers only target Windows.

If you want to compile your code to target Linux then this is easiest done with a Linux machine and its typical toolchain.

28th October 2016, 15:06
I agree with ChrisW67. I tried to build a cross-compiler toolchain that runs on Windows to produce linux binaries and gave up after several weeks of effort. It's easier to just install VirtualBox on your Windows machine, create a linux virtual machine, and build the project in that.