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24th April 2007, 20:30
OpenMFG has released the 2.0.0 version of OpenRpt, the banded reportwriter for their framework built using QT4. It is under the GPL unless you want to use it commercially, then, like QT, you need a license.

It contains 10 projects which can be compiled at one time as a solution under MSVC2003. Using the qt msvc plugin I was able to open the "openrpt.pro" file using the Qt "Open solution from .pro file" on the MSVC menu. It compiled without an error and created seven executables, which it placed in a ./bin subdirectory. Don't forget to download the Userguide, which is very helpful. It comes pre-coded with ODBC3 and QPSQL7 driver recognition. With just a few code changes I was able to add oracle drivers to its list of recognized database drivers. My first report used Oracle's decode syntax, which worked very well. Deployment of the OpenRPT and RPTrender executables is easy.

The output can be viewed, printed or sent to a pdf file.

Since it is available via the GPL one can, of course, study their techniques for painting and printing reports.

OpenMFG homepage:

download at:

25th April 2007, 04:38
This evening I untarred the source for OpenRPT-2.0.0 and opened up the main pro file using QDevelop 0.22.

QDevelop opened up all 10 projects perfectly. It also compiled them perfectly.