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11th November 2016, 22:28

I remember a few years ago there was a website with a list of applications developed with Qt. There were commercial applications, free applications, and open source applications. It was a great resource to see what people were doing, and how. It was also awesome to find some open source projects and understanding how Qt was being used.

I haven't been able to find this website in a long time... Was this on qt-project.org before io bought Qt?

Is there any other similar website or list of applications?

Thank you!

12th November 2016, 10:13
Are you referring to qt-apps.com?

Btw, for libraries there is a new effort called inqlude.org (https://inqlude.org/)


12th November 2016, 16:44
No, it wasn't qt-apps.com, but it was very similar, and qt-apps.com looks looks like a very promising resource.
Thank you very much anda_skoa.