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14th February 2006, 13:21
Hello there,

I need ur piece of advice on a matter as follows:

I have a QTable with cols and rows and each row has a icon and text. I want to drag the icons and drop it in a listview. this is possible but in order to drag something with qtable, u should first select the row and then drag. is it possible in qtable to not select but just drag and drop???

I have another option to use qlistview but that means that i should implement the whole concept once again converting qtable to qlistview.

give me some hint or advice on this matter.


15th February 2006, 22:03
Which version of Qt are you using? If you're using 3, then QListView fits better for what you want to do. If using Qt4, QTreeWidget is basically the same as QListView in Qt 3. QTable is for making a spreadsheet-like application.