View Full Version : In Python, stretching a QGraphicsView to size of parent after showFullScreen

7th January 2017, 00:09
I have some code that looks beautiful on Linux and behaves as I wish. But on Mac OS X, everything I thought I was understanding about resizing a QGraphicsView within a QGroupBox is wrong. And it's wrong in different ways, depending upon whether I try to do it with a resizeEvent or with a QTimer.singleShot.

I've attached a tarball with two main programs (Flyer8.py and frames4.py) plus their dependencies -- code that I've broken out of the main code into separate modules (AvatarII.py, ui.py, myview.py and myscene.py), and corresponding screenshots (Flyer8.png and frames4.png) of what they look like when run under Linux. Under Mac OS X, the QGraphicsView in both just show up as tiny rectangles within the full screen QDialog. The group boxes lay out correctly under both OSs.

I don't speak C++. So, PySide (or PyQt) appreciated.