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Anamaria Fiser
12th January 2017, 00:19
I'm thinking of getting another laptop for my daughter. I just can't decide if it is HP or Lenovo. What would you suggest?

12th January 2017, 11:53
How old is she? and what is the budget here?

Anamaria Fiser
13th January 2017, 11:27
She's turning 16 this year. The budget? Would $200-$300 worth be reasonable?

13th January 2017, 13:17
When it comes to HP & Lenovo they are both as good, it really boils down to the model.
Here is a comparison for the different brands:


Source: Laptopmag (http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/laptop-brand-ratings)

The things to look out for her in a laptop would probably be:

Full HD screen: anything less would just suck especially that show probably wants to watch YouTube, Series & Movies.
Small size: I don't think she would want anything bigger than a 15" screen. Anything bigger than that wouldn't fit as easily in normal bags.
Fast Hard drive: I don't think she will need a lot of storage, most things are done online these days. Having a fast hard drive can dramatically increase the speed of the laptop.

I don't think she would care for a dedicated graphics card for gaming or a DVD writer and so on.

This is outside the budget you estimated but this would be in my opinion a solid purchase for many reasons. There are things that I would have gotten rid off or scaled down to save money, like the fingerprint stuff but as I said this is a solid choice. Backlight keyboard, extremely fast hard disk (Solid State Disk), full HD screen, solid processor and so on. I think that a laptop like this one is a lot more future proof than most laptops around the same price range.

I couldn't find a cheaper one but I didn't search outside their official stores. I am sure you can find cheaper ones. I was surprised that I couldn't find a cheaper one myself. Worst case scenario, get a stripped down 15" or 14" full HD screen laptop with an i5 or i3 processor with a shitty hard disk and switch it out for an SSD.

That is what I would do based on my priorities and preferences. I am sure there are many ways to go about making a pick for such a purchase. :)

Edit: lol, forgot to link to the laptop :P
Here is the link:

22nd January 2017, 15:29
We had 2 HPs here but lasted for 2 years only. So I don't like to recommend. I don't have experience with Lenovo yet but I'm hearing good feedback from my friends who are office workers. So, I think Lenovo is preferred by most companies considering its durability and competitive price.

18th March 2017, 02:05
Lenovo is much better..

22nd March 2017, 19:38
I've been using Asus laptops for years with no failures. A feature-to-feature comparison usually yields more bang for the buck with Asus over "name" brands like Dell or HP. Can't speak for Lenovo - no experience there.

My latest laptops have SSD hard drives and boot nearly instantly, but capacity is lower compared to a magnetic hard drive of the same price.

I think you would be hard-pressed to get any kind of decent laptop for $200 - 300 though, unless the only use for it is web browsing and e-mail.

26th April 2017, 08:24
I'll choose Lenovo over HP especially it has a comfortable keyboard, and a good price. it could also good for gaming and for graphics.

14th June 2017, 23:57
Hey, I wanted to add about Dell too. I read a lot of reviews lately about Dell and its performance. The next time I will buy a laptop, I will definitely considering this brand too aside from Lenovo.

Anamaria Fiser
26th July 2017, 22:39
I am currently using Sony Vaio but if I am gonna choose between Lenovo vs HP. I will chose HP. I have HP netbook and I have it for two years now.

1st March 2018, 18:30
Both of them have vast experience with Laptop production but I would suggest you to check out for the quality of support services provided by both of them, as you did not considered DELL for comparison, I would suggest you to go with Lenovo.

25th May 2018, 10:05
world is not without competition different types of uses....HP is best for using