View Full Version : Enumerate processes using Qt

14th February 2006, 16:11
Does anyone know how to enumerate the processes that are running on a system using Qt? I thought that QProcess might have some statics to do this, but couldn't find anything.


14th February 2006, 16:23
at what system?

14th February 2006, 16:26
I was hoping for a cross-platform way to do this. Since Qt provides a cross-platform representation of a process with the QProcess class, I thought Qt might also provide a cross-platform way to enumerate QProcesses.

14th February 2006, 16:32
QProcess use for launch external process. And he havent system information about all runing process, free memory,etc..

14th February 2006, 16:38
That's what I thought. Thanks.

14th February 2006, 16:45
It would be hard to get such info in a portable way, because systems often deny access to structures which contain such info, thus making such calls unreliable. For example most unices use /proc filesystem for that, but often /proc is protected from reading by non-superusers. Other systems may have their own mechanisms for that and different security schemas.