View Full Version : Layouts Under Various DPI Settings

1st February 2017, 00:28
Hello. I've got a form with a bunch of vertical layouts that have horizontal layouts within each vertical layout with
a label on the left, a horizontal spacer, followed by another label that has the data value that goes with the first label.
It looks fine on a 150 DPI setting on a 4k display. When I change the DPI settings, one of the vertical layout's
data items are no longer vertically aligned with each other, which they were under 150 DPI setting. The spacer is
a fixed length spacer. Only one vertical layout seems to have this problem, the others are fine.

I've tried a few things like checking the margins, but not getting anywhere.

What could be going wrong?

Thanks for any help.


1st February 2017, 08:54
If you want the labels to align in columns, use a grid layout.

Forms with text + value are often realized with a QFormLayout though.