View Full Version : My last problem at final step of creating an installer

11th February 2017, 08:45
Hi all,

I used the Qt Documentations for creating an installer for my Qt app using Qt Installer Framework.
I think I'm at the final step. Please have a look at the issue:

I have a package_directory folder on my Windows Desktop with these(http://uploads.im/plRu1.jpg) sub-folders. The config.xml file contains this(https://paste.ofcode.org/39XpvAJTL3Jh49wuj3W9nF3). The data subfolder contains the data.7z file. I Created a licens.txt file on my Desktop. The meta subfolder contains a package.xml file with this(https://paste.ofcode.org/D5LqyQPu2xmDN8gEfb6Gjg) content.

Then I created a folder named Result on my Desktop and pasted the Cal.exe file from the Release folder onto it. And finally Ran this(http://uploads.im/blmsG.jpg) command.

Nothing created! :(

Now what is the problem please?