View Full Version : DIY Plumbing Repair?

23rd March 2017, 06:14
There’s nothing wrong with DIY plumbing repair right? I can’t find the answer on reviews but do Asquith Plumbing Group suggests DIY plumbing repair?

27th March 2017, 07:11
A lot of people tend to fix the plumbing on their own to save money but I don't think Asquith Plumbing Group recommends that because you might regret the quality of the final result. However, if you're taught by someone with a reliable plumbing experience, then I see no problem doing it on your own.

4th April 2017, 08:03
I don’t think so because you might spend more time to get it done since there are a lot of things you need to know and consider first before doing the job like how water supply, drainage, and venting systems work together and such.