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17th April 2017, 14:11
Some time ago, I'd have had enough of all the papers in the kitchen while cooking, so I wanted to do something against it and since I made a media center with the raspberry pi and I was watching the TNG seasons, it was obvious making a replication machine with the raspberry pi.
So, bought a raspberry and compatible touchscreen, I started making this project. First it was just PHP based, but soon it would exceed my needs, and because of this I came to Qt and began making the prog with it.
And it did soon evolve.

Here is a video of it:


It's not the current version, but I will soon make a new video.
It actually supports searching/reading the receipes, countdown to red alert, playing music (with visualizer) and videos (when it takes longer ;-) ), background sounds (Warpcore, bridge computer beeps, rain, some music and and and...), volume controls

Only thing it can't do: actually replicating food ^^

17th April 2017, 15:03
Looks cool :) Waiting for version 2.0 with the missing functionality actually in place.

18th April 2017, 11:02
Why not put the code on github? :-)

18th April 2017, 20:18
Why not put the code on github? :-)

Yep, it's planned, but first I will clean up the quick & dirty code ;)

This is the actual version:


Why the timer for the alarm start/stop is so delayed, I haven't figured out yet.

btw. isn't there a button for editing the post? I would like to edit the video-url, or am I blind?

18th April 2017, 22:11
You can only edit a post if it hasn't been replied to and only within first couple of hours after posting. For later editions you have to ask one of the admins to do it for you.

13th July 2017, 10:10
I get message: "This video is unavailable. " Please reupload.