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Anamaria Fiser
22nd April 2017, 23:12
Have been attending so many meetings lately and my world is just revolving with creating different reports daily. And what I hate most is having meetings outside the office. I have to bring my laptop and so many docs for the presentation and all. I wish I could find a fast report generator (not really sure if I'm using the correct terminology). But yes, I want to find a software that could create different reports...real quick. Something that I can use anytime, anywhere. It should allow me to access my data and come up with a report even if I'm not in the office. Btw, I'm just using excel and power point for all my presentations (old skool lol). I hope you know what I mean :-) Thanks.

26th April 2017, 08:31
For that you will need a tool for centralizing your reports and organizing information. You can read about a reporting and analytics tools for your related inquiry.

4th May 2017, 20:27
What's a "report" and what is the "data" for the report? Those terms cover a multitude of different concepts.

A "report generator" is usually used in the context of running a database query and having the results automatically converted into tables and plots. If this is the nature of your data, there are many different packages for formatting such data into reports. CuteReport for one that's Qt-based.

If you want something you can use online, there's Prezi.

If you're expected to give presentations, then it will be tough to find a way that doesn't use a laptop and a projector. If you use an online tool, then you'll just have to ensure that you can use -some- laptop and that an internet connection is available. But I guarantee someone will ask you a question, and the answer will be on -your- laptop.