View Full Version : Tabified QDockWidget showing elipsis instead of title when vertical [solved]

6th July 2017, 18:29

I'm using Qt4.8.6 via python on linux (KDE cent6).

When I add two dock widgets then tabify them they look correct, displaying the title as the tab text. However, if I use QtGui.QMainWindow.VerticalTabs all I see in the tab's text is '...' (the elipsis text is oriented vertically).

Has anyone seen this before or have any debugging ideas I can try?

6th July 2017, 23:15
Adding style sheet support for QTabBar fixed this issue.

It looks like this was an artifact of, perhaps, our app font size or Qts default tab style (probably in combination with my personal OS theme). My theory is that there simply wasn't enough space to show the text so Qt put elipsis instead? I didn't check the source code so these are all just guesses