View Full Version : [QMake 3.0] Generate Visual Studio 13 project with custom build configurations

4th August 2017, 18:05
When generating a Visual Studio project using qmake I want a custom build configuration called "Tests" along with my Debug and Release configs.
Example shown below:

I understand a little but how configs work in qmake. I was able to generate my own custom config in my .pro file using this code

addExclusiveBuilds(tests, Tests)

CONFIG(Tests) {
message(Test config enabled)

And then by calling:
qmake project.pro CONFIG+=Tests
I receive the 'Test config enabled' message in the command line just fine. Is there anyway at all i can have this 'Test' config ported over to my visual studios build configs? I've seen it done with CMake before, so I also assume it would be possible with QMake