View Full Version : How to achive blur background window as shown

2nd October 2017, 06:19

How to achive this kind of view in Qt 5.7 .
I'm using it for cross compile in linux platform

2nd October 2017, 18:13
Do you want to blur a window owned by your application, or do you want to blur the OS's desktop window?

If it is your own window, the you can create a QGraphicsBlurEffect with an appropriate radius, then call QWidget::setGraphicsEffect() to apply to your window. If it is the desktop, you can try to do the same thing by using QApplication::desktop() to get a pointer to the QDesktopWidget and using QDesktopWidget::screen() to get the underlying QWidget window pointer. You can try to set the graphics effect on that if the OS lets you.

If you are changing the desktop widget, be sure to set the graphics effect back to whatever it was before you blurred it when you are done (eg. save the pointer from QWidget::graphicsEffect() before you blur it and then set it back after you are done).