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13th November 2017, 03:10
Image recognition app

How to write a simple QQuick app able to recognize simple objects?



13th November 2017, 10:38
I would argue there is nothing simple about it.
You might make things a bit simpler by using libraries which offer this kind of functionality.
Having your UI done in QtQuick is an implementation detail not related to the problem of computer vision.

A friendly tip:
This kind of question will only get you angry responses.
No one will layout such a complex issue in a forum post.
This is not what a forum is for.
The forum is here to allow you to ask SPECIFIC questions which you incouter during your work with which you need help.
In such a case, you should explain what it is you are trying to achieve, explain and maybe show in code what you have done so far, and what the specific problem you have is.
THEN you probably will get helping answers.