View Full Version : Simple GUI - different behavior in Linux and Windows

13th May 2018, 18:44
Dear All,
New Qt and recently our team developed simple GUI (Single form with few buttons). Qt Creator -4.0.2/ Qt 5.7.0 on Windows 10 / Linux Ubuntu / Default Mingw 32 G++ compiler.
Each button press - message will display at "Application Output" window in Qt Creator IDE. This _works fine_ on Linux and Windows. :)

As a requirement, need to build this from command line. On Linux and Windows 10, i have used

qmake -project; qmake; mingw32-make

Got the executable (after link with Qt core, Qt Gui, usr/x86_64-linux-gnu libraries )
So, on Linux command shell ./simple_Gui executes the GUI and each button press outputs the relevant message (for example - Move button pressed)
On Windows 10, run the EXE file from MinGw command windows (not Windows command promt) outputs the GUI only. No message.

Believe, i have given any enough info. Not sure, why Windows app behave differently? :confused:
Am i missing anything? Any thoughts will save our team's time. Thanks a lot.


14th May 2018, 07:38
On Windows add this line to the pro file :
CONFIG += console

15th May 2018, 04:00
>>CONFIG += console

yes. After adding to .pro --> can see output in console. Thanks a lot. it save my time.