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30th May 2018, 19:54
I have built a project in Qt Creator 3.4.1, based on Qt5.4.2, which I recently installed. The project is a Console project that uses a class derived from QWindow. It builds with no problem.

When I try to run it, from within or outside of Qt Creator, I get an error dialog:

Module: 5.4.1
File: kernel\qobject.cpp
Line: 197

Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50402) with this library (version 0x50401)

As far as I know I have removed all older Qt remnants from the machine. I cannot find any file named qobject.cpp. I cannot figure out or find in the documentation how to determine what path(s) Qt Creator uses to find libraries.

Is there some way I can get Qt Creator to tell me exactly what libraries it is trying to use?

Note: this is on Windows 7.


30th May 2018, 22:22
Is there some way I can get Qt Creator to tell me exactly what libraries it is trying to use?

Look at the Kit configuration for your project.

31st May 2018, 20:05
I don't see anything in the Kit configuration that seems to apply. Can you tell me exactly what you are referring to?

31st May 2018, 22:44
When you open a project for the first time, it gives you a list of kits. After you select one, the Projects page will display the name of the currently-selected kit at the top, next to the Add Kit / Manage Kits / Build / Run buttons, see the first screenshot below. If you click the Manage Kits button, you'll get a dialog box like the second screen shot. Select Build and Run, then select the kit with the same name as shown in the first screen shot and it will show the details of the compiler, Qt version, etc.

The other thing you need to check is to ensure that your Path environment variable has the correct Qt version first.

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1st June 2018, 17:20
I have looked at that dialog. I don't think I have a problem with the compiler and other things listed. I don't see anywhere in your screen shot or when I look at that dialog that pertains to where it is looking for libraries. My problem is that it is telling me about a library incompatibility and it doesn't tell me specifically which librarie(s) and I can't find any documentation of how to determine the paths where it looks for them.

11th June 2018, 22:25
Can anyone give me information on how to determine from where Creator is trying to read libraries?