View Full Version : Need to send multiple queries in one post method

12th July 2018, 11:33

I am using QNetworkAccessManager to communicate with board.

Sending request qurl in post method.

I just need to send multiple queries in one post method call.

Need to send request to the board one time and get multiple values.

I have done for one query but unable to do it for muliple tuples at a time.

please guide me for the same.

Thanks in advance.

12th July 2018, 14:08
I think the QNetworkAccessManager has nothing to do with it. The question is whether your protocol allows for such a thing?

16th July 2018, 10:14
Yes it supports.

I am using http protocol.

I just want to send multiple queries at a time so I can get bunch of data at a one request.

16th July 2018, 12:04
What does it mean "unable to do it for multiple tables at a time" ?
When writing the protocol, I meant a layer higher than http.