View Full Version : MultiMediaWidget seems to break QListWidget repaint.

12th July 2018, 21:44
I was playing around with example code from Qt and i'm seeing strange behavior. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain this to me.


Copy the multimediawidgets player example and replace player.h and player.cpp with the attached 2 files.
The QListWidget that I added operates as expected on launch, the user can select either item and it displays single selection.
Now play any video file.
The QListWidget no longer repaints as expected.

20th August 2018, 16:06
Additional info:

The list widget that I added on the left is used as a window display selection. The top selection (index 0) displays the Movie Player, while the bottom selection (index 1) displays a QLabel "Hello World". Once a movie is played the list widget starts rendering incorrectly. Does anyone know what is causing this behavior?