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15th February 2006, 15:17
In QTDesigner I've add a QProgressBar and then save the form and go to my code. When I build it says that setOrientation isn't a member of QProgressBar. <work around> A fellow co-worker told me that it if I clicked on the orientation (bolded) within QTDesigner and click the red return icon it will remove the bold and not include it in my code.

Well, I still think it is a bug and wanted it to be known and ask any questions about it somewhere.

15th February 2006, 15:52
setOrientation was introduced in Qt4.1. Are you using Qt 4.0 or 4.1? Maybe you have both versions installed and working with Designer 4.1 but compiling with 4.0?

15th February 2006, 21:02
QT Designer is 4.1.0
QT 4.1.0
I installed it about a week ago and made sure it was the latest (or at least I hoped it was the latest.)

Anyway I just checked and that is the version I have on both 4.1.0

15th February 2006, 22:00
So why does it complain about setOrientation?

15th February 2006, 23:32
Yes, okay after tracking it down more it seems that it was linking to a resource file that I got from a co-worker that contains 4.0 stuff inside it.

thanks for your time.