View Full Version : QUdpSocket Multicast Receive CentOS 7.x

24th August 2018, 21:56
Currently I am working on receiving UDP Multicast data. I have a data source sends out different data to different UDP multicast ports with the same IP. In my program, I can receive data from one port if I open only one port, for example port 10001. But, if I open two ports (10001, 10002) , I could only receive data from one port either port 10001 or 10002. Once I received the data from one port, the data will not come into another port. Could anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

P.S. I have done this reading on Windows machine and it works as I expected but I did not use the QUdpSocket class (I wrote my own class using Visual Studio winsock API functions)
I could also read data from multiple UDP multicast ports as soon as the IP is not the same.