View Full Version : Qt5Script is deprecated?

8th October 2018, 18:57

When I installed Qt5 using qt-unified-windows-x86-3.0.5-online.exe, it says Qt5Script is deprecated. I search around and some people suggest to upgrade to QJSEngine.

I look at this page http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/topics-scripting.html and it say "Qt Script Module" has rich API and does not mention anything about deprecated, while JS API is limited. Nothing is suggested that JS will replace QtScript.

Anyone has more information?


PS. I just notice even when I check Qt5Script module to be installed. There are no script header files got installed so I can't compile my code.

9th October 2018, 18:35
Yes Qt Script is deprecated for a long time and probably will be dropped with first stable Qt 6.0 release.
If you ask: Is this possible to migrate from Qt Script to Qml? I will be reserved about this. I think Qt Quick and Qt Script are entirely different libraries (how ever I can be wrong), and are common only with JavaScript.
What are headers required by your script?!? Headers are in C/C++ only!