View Full Version : Can C functions send data to QT Slots in QT5.7 ?

29th October 2018, 07:06
Dear Friends

I want to do some trail work for proof of concept of my project.

What I need is I have C source code that needs to communicate with QT slots. I am using QT Creator IDE and QT5.7.

unsigned int a[100]={ 25, 17 , 10, 6, -5 , -6, -8 , 10, ......... };

I am required to send this array data to QT GUI through Slots, from C source file to QT Slots is that possible?

If possible please someone shows the code snippet in QT that will help me a lot



29th October 2018, 16:16
Don't double post. You asked the question once in the Newbie section, don't ask it again in a different section.