View Full Version : webenginewidgets on .pro of library produce error

4th February 2019, 06:51
I have created a project using QWebEngine and would want to convert it as a library (Shared Library) so that it can be integrate to any project. To test it, I created a subdir project first, then a library which will use qwebengine and a console project that will manage the library to run.

On .pro of the library and console project, I assume it is needed to include QT += core gui webenginewidgets, but I keep getting errors about qwebenginewidgets. I need qwebenginewidgets to be able to use qwebengine classes like QWebEngineView. How am I going to fix this?

4th February 2019, 14:03
Not sure what you mean with "console project" as you clearly require a widget application for using QWebEngineWidgets.

Can you post the error you get?