View Full Version : QtCreator 4.8.x problem with dbus 1.8.22, at startup

7th March 2019, 11:57
Hello all,
I have this problem with QtCreator 4.8.2 : when I try to start it from a desktop icon, nothing happens but when I try the command line I get this error:

frik@linux-w8vv:/prog/Qt/QtCreator-4.8.2/bin> ./qtcreator.sh
/prog/Qt/QtCreator-4.8.2/bin/qtcreator: relocation error: /prog/Qt/QtCreator-4.8.2/lib/Qt/lib/libQt5DBus.so.5: symbol dbus_message_get_allow_interactive_authorization, version LIBDBUS_1_3 not defined in file libdbus-1.so.3 with link time reference

So the question now is how to fix this.
Does anyone here have an idea?

Frik Brits

7th March 2019, 12:08
What System are you running? Architecture?
Maybe you system is not supported anymore. If you google, you are not the only one with that problem.

7th March 2019, 12:17
Hello tuli,
This is a i3 intel cpu, MSI H97M-G43 motherboard, and opensuse 42.3.
I hope that is what you are need.
And yes I did see the general problem when I tried ver. 4.8.1 earlier this year, I was thinking there should be a solution by now, but alas nothing yet it seems.