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27th April 2019, 17:49
I'm using tooltips pretty extensively in my Qt project. (Qt 5.12.2, using Qt Creator on Windows 10.)
While debugging, which I am currently doing 99% of the time, the tooltips are loading up very slowly, and in fact show up clipped at first, and then redraw correctly. While the tooltips are loading up, the debugger view of Qt Creator is showing a sequence of DLL's loading up. I think that the loading of these DLL's is slow for some reason, and is the reason for the painfully slow tooltips.
If someone could help me figure out something I might be able to change or fix to work around this slow loading, it would greatly help me with my development.
Attached is a screen capture of the loading sequence, and one of the DLL's names.
-Steve Lamperti

2nd May 2019, 09:02
What do the tooltips look like?

2nd May 2019, 23:42
Attached are two screen shots. The first shows how the tool tip initially appears, and the second how it shows after a little bit longer.

By the way, I did some more research, and the DLL's that are loading up while I am waiting for the tooltips to appear are associated with OpenGL drivers for an Intel based video card built into my machine. I have a dual monitor set up, and one of the monitors is plugged into an nVidea card in the machine, and the other is plugged into the build in Intel video. This seems to not be causing me any issues, as far as I can tell.

3rd May 2019, 17:23
Good news. I just loaded up 5.12.3, and the issue seems to be gone. Must have been something in Qt creator, I guess. Looks like it's working better now.