View Full Version : After usb device plugout and plugin, Qt5.11 is not responding for the usb events

14th May 2019, 07:35
HI All,

I am using Qt5.11 for my project which has usb keyboard, mouse and touch screen. Previously, I was using QT5.9, now i have upgraded my QT to version 5.11.

Whenever I remove the usb driver, and re insert the usb module, my QT application is not responding to any of the usb events. I checked from the device and kernel end, by doing the below steps, wherein I am able to receive the touch screen events till the usb module.

#cat /dev/input/touchscreen0

and try touching the device, I am able to see the events on the terminal.

When I restart my QT application, It is working, without restarting QT, I am unable to get the events. I did not face this issue while using QT5.9.

Can someone help me out in figuring out the problem, Is it i am missing any configuration.