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8th July 2019, 21:12

Brand new to QT but looking to see if there's is a specific function available (or perhaps a different solution to a problem). The problem is, once a page is rendered, relative to the top/left corner of the page (x/y to the page), can I take a QSS element and determine it's absolute position?

For CSS/Javascript, there's a function called; element.getBoundingClientRect() (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Element/getBoundingClientRect). Is there something similar for QSS/Qt?

After that I need to determine what the element width and height is. With this all combined, I can inspect/test elements after they have been rendered to the page to make sure they are done so correctly and in the correct position.

Thank you in advance

9th July 2019, 09:36
QSS, similar to CSS, is just styling rules. There is no scripting involved.

Also not sure what you mean with "page" in this context. As in "widget in a tab widget" or something like that?