View Full Version : Readonly QLineEdit emits editingFinished on focus lost - bug or expected behavior?

9th July 2019, 11:02
Hi there,

just noticed an interesting behavior. When a QLineEdit is set to readonly, and it is focused and looses focus again, the editingFinished() signal is emitted. This is somewhat unexpected, since "readonly" means there won't be any editing, right?

The relevant code is in qlineedit.cpp:1895 (in Qt 5.11.3):

if (reason != Qt::PopupFocusReason
|| !(QApplication::activePopupWidget() && QApplication::activePopupWidget()->parentWidget() == this)) {
if (hasAcceptableInput() || d->control->fixup())
emit editingFinished();

The signal is emitted without checking the "readonly" state.

Is this expected behavior or should I post a bug-report?


10th July 2019, 20:55
Hmm, good question.

I personally would also find this behavior weird, i.e. not expect a readonly lineedit to emit this signal.

I'd say file a bug report.