View Full Version : Qtopia Phone Ediation 4.2.0 is to slow!! How to optimize it?

14th May 2007, 19:01
I port Qtopia Phone Ediation 4.2.0 to ATMEL ARM9 board with 200Mhz CPU clock. The Qtopia is toooooo slow. However, in Greenphone, which is Xcale with 315Mhz, Qtopia is not quick either. Who can tell me how many Mhz of a ARM9 platform the QTopia can run smooth on it???????? I need make great efforts to optimize it???????Please give me a suggestion!! Thanks alot!!

14th May 2007, 19:58
The ARM is a slow processor, no way around that. But you can try compiler optimizations (-O3, etc) to see if that helps. Static linkage helps a bit if you're not already doing that. Build a small Qtopia instead of using the defaults. If what you are seeing is GUI sluggishness, also take a look at your video driver. A bare unoptimized framebuffer driver isn't going to win any drawing speed competitions.