View Full Version : The sheer size of QT5.x

31st August 2019, 18:14
I am currently running QT4.5.2 because this is the version available from the repository for my distro - Linux Mint 19.2. My Linux is right up-do-date, but many applications in the ubuntu repository that it is based on are rather dated. I was shocked to discover that QT5 is now over 10Gb in size, and that's just the download before unpacking and installing. This is just too big for one application, especially when I have only 30Gb left free. So I have some questions:

1. When will the version in the Ubuntu repository get updated to QT5?
2. Can I download a smaller "core" package? I am sure that I will not need all of the "bells and whistles".
3. Are there any plans to review and thin this out and reduce to a more sensible size?
4. Is there a QT PPA that allows me to download and install the essential modules instead of having to manage a 10Gb download?