View Full Version : Qt Installer Framework - Forcibly install new component?

2nd September 2019, 21:51
Hi all,

we introduced an additional component in our installer which should install on the next user's update.

In https://doc.qt.io/qtinstallerframework/ifw-component-description.html I find (emphasis by me):

Essential --- Marks the package as essential to force a restart of the MaintenanceTool. If there are updates available for an essential component, the package manager stays disabled until that component is updated. Newly introduced essential components are automatically installed when running the updater.
So we added <Essential>true</Essential> to the new component's package.xml.

The new component shows in "Add or Remove" view and installs from scratch. However, it is not installed when I update a previous installation from the extended repository. Only updates to existing components are installed (as they were before).

Any idea on how to forcibly install a new component during update?
What am I doing wrong, or is this possibly an IFW bug?


3rd September 2019, 11:52

We added the new files to an existing component. Shows they are still not installed! :confused:
So it's the files themselves that are not added on update. (How can I change this thread's title?)

Looks like there's something I seriously don't yet understand about installer framework. Any pointers appreciated.