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16th September 2019, 16:44
so i was just wondering is there a way for me to make a moving animation for my character or do i have to do it using pictures ? And is there a way for my walking to make smoother ? I am using KeyPressEvent right now.

I have this picture set :

I know how to do to using pictures, just changing pictures after every move but i was wondering if there is a smoother way of making a moving animation and if there is a smoother way of walking.
Using KeyPressEvent makes the character move weirdly.

This is how my character moves right now

16th September 2019, 18:19
Qt has an "animation framework (https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/animation-overview.html)", a set of classes designed for animating changes in the properties of things on screen in a smooth manner. There are a bunch of examples (https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/examples-animation.html) here.

In your case, you will need to animate two things at once - the picture of the character (to simulate walking) and the position.

16th September 2019, 19:43
Thank you, ill try this out and see if i get anything done w it